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We were recently contacted by Stephen Kling of THGC Publishing in St. Louis, Missouri. He and 42 international authors have recently published a two volume book on the Great Northern War, 1700-1721. Much of this history involves King Charles XII of Sweden, a fascinating if not controversial figure. Charles is recognized as one of the Great Captains of history and was a legend to his Swedish soldiers. He was mysteriously killed in 1718 and his body has been exhumed multiple times to determine the cause of death- a lucky Norwegian bullet or from a Swedish soldier wanting to end the war?

GreatNorthernWarBook The war raged across all of Northern Europe and the resulting peace transformed the political landscape of the area which is relevant to understanding current issues. This important part of Scandinavian history has had little coverage in English and the intent of the publication was open up this history in an inviting way and the articles though written by experts were purposefully written in a popular style. The articles are all written by book authors, academics and experts from their countries and cover the armies, battles, events and major personalities of the war. The books are heavily illustrated with new battle and map art, museum and archive images and photographs from the article authors. Nine of the article authors are from Sweden, six from Denmark, one from Finland, and the rest from Poland, Russia, Lithuania, Germany, the Ukraine, the UK and the US. Mr. Kling visited with several of the authors last year and was escorted through many of the museums and archives housing the history relating to the war. Some of the Swedish authors invited Mr. Kling to be a panelist with them on the Great Northern War at the upcoming 2016 annual conference for the Society for the Advancement of Scandinavian Studies. The books are available on at:

There is a short video on the books that can be seen at:

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